Stephen Colbert pranks H&R Block customers

Stephen Colbert as HRBlock rep Otto Sanchez

Click image to watch Stephen Colbert’s character Otto Sanchez “advise” H&R Block customers.

Stephen Colbert has assumed a variety of personas during his comic career. On his April 5 CBS late night show a new, sort of tax-focused character appeared.

Hello Otto Sanchez, hoax H&R Block tax professional. As the company itself asked on its Facebook page, what could go wrong?


From singed and mistakenly shredded tax documents to an impromptu concert to beer during the consultation, three customers of the country’s largest franchised tax preparation service were amazingly good-natured victims of Colbert’s skewed tax humor.

I hope the Late Show host and/or CBS at least paid these folks’ fees for tax advice from real H&R Block representatives.

Do you use a tax pro or do your taxes yourself with software? Maybe you keep it all in the family like many millennials.

If you do go the tax pro route, here are some tips on picking the perfect tax preparer and then checking out that tax pro so that you’re not stuck with an Otto Sanchez.

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