Boost the Moral in Your Office for Laugh at Work Week

It may be all hands on deck as we finish out the tax season but it’s important to make sure you keep up the morale in the office. This week is Laugh at Work Week, the perfect time to have some fun.

Laughter and humor are an important part of the workplace. Laughter has been proven to reduce stress, Laugh-at-Workdraw people together, boost your mood, increase productivity, relax your entire body, and most importantly, is contagious.

Here at The Income Tax School, we have a fun committee that makes sure the morale in the office is high. Here are some fun and inexpensive things you can do to boost the mood/moral during tax season.

  • Order pizza for the office on really busy days.
  • Purchase adjustable standing/sitting desks for people who need/want to move around more.
  • Have a donut taste test day from competing donut shops.
  • Take a walk during breaks.
  • Play positive/uplifting music in the office. 
  • Celebrate holidays.
  • Have theme days like sports day or funny t-shirt day.
  • Have a potluck.
  • Take turns choosing the music.
  • Have “tea time”, a midday break to sit and chat (or laugh) over tea.
  • Host an office olympics.
  • Tell corny jokes.
  • Have a 3pm dance party.

We hope you’re having a fun, productive and successful tax season!




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