Global tax blogs includes 21st Century Taxation Blog

Feedspot has gathered the global list of top 100 tax blogs based on various criteria. The list is interesting and includes several I had never come across before.  The 21st Century Tax Blog (this blog) is number 77. I guess that’s not too bad. I see that many of the blogs have Twitter and Facebook accounts associated with them. If you are going to set up a blog, that’s probably a good idea. My Twitter and Facebook pages are tied to my name (I use Twitter a lot for tax news; rarely use Facebook).

Take a look at the list. Here are a few I find of interest.
 #5 – The Tax Policy Center – This non-partisan site is full of excellent tax research and data.
 #13 – Tax Connections – Great site for accounting and finance professionals – it picks up a nice range of tax blogs (including mine).
 #25 – Carbon Tax Center – this is a hot issue
 #31 – Tax Analysts Blog – always very insightful posts

What do you think? Find anything new you’ll sign up for?



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