FEMA relief for victims of Golden State’s January storms. Expect similar help for California’s latest deadly weather

Mother Nature has had it in for California this year.

On Valentine’s Day,  the Trump Administration approved federal assistance for deadly storms that in early January buried the Sierra Nevada in snow and inundated low-lying towns along the Sacramento and Russian Rivers.

California Feb 17 2017 storm damage_MikeMyers-Twitter

Photo montage posted on Twitter by Mike Myers (‏@csiprints; along with @RickSforza @crimeshutterbug @BlodgettJohnM @BeatrizVNews @ivdailybulletin) of vehicles trapped in post-flood mudslide on Lone Pine/Highway 138 in Southern California.

Three days later, the Golden State was hit again, this time by a major Pacific storm described by residents and meteorologists as one of the most powerful weather systems they’ve ever seen.

This latest storm system, which arrived Friday, Feb. 17, and continued into today, Saturday, Feb. 18, pummeled the entire state, producing flooding, fallen trees, mudslides and sinkholes. At least two people have died from this latest storm’s onslaught.

Given the extent and intensity of this weekend’s California storm damage, look for Trump to follow up soon with another Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) major disaster declaration for the latest hard hit areas.

And all this is before the spring thunderstorm and tornado seasons begin.

Storm prep, tax relief: You know what that means? I’m here to nag remind you to get ready for natural disasters before they happen, which as the latest storms in California show can be any time of the year.

You can find storm prep details on the ol’ blog’s special Storm Warnings disaster resources page.

If you do happen to be target of one of Mother Nature’s tantrums, also note that if it’s deemed a major disaster by the president/FEMA, you have added options for claiming relief on your tax return.

But mainly, stay alert and be safe!

Loss of property can be distressing, but it can be replaced. You and your family can’t.

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Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/DontMessWithTaxes/~3/0p3DDY5n_9s/california-storms-fema-relief-for-january-more-expected.html


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